FAQ Things you might not think about!


Are you experienced? How much experience do you have?
The DJ for your event should have at least 2-5 years experience performing at events similar to yours. The more experienced, the better it is for you!
Our Disc Jockey Entertainers each have Years of experience!

Do you have liability insurance?
If the service isn't covered, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by the DJ. Some locations won't let an uninsured DJ perform in their facility. Ask for Proof Of Coverage. 
We are fully insured! 

Do you have back-up DJs in case my DJ is ill or has an emergency?
The answer must be "Yes." If the service you hire doesn't have a back-up DJ on hand or on call, you could be left without a DJ on the day of your event. 
We always have back-up DJs on hand or on call!

Is the price of your service a good value?
The cheapest DJ is rarely the best value. The DJ sets the tone of your event and holds the power to entertain or turn off your guests. Don't chance ruining fine catering, decorations, flowers, and photography by trying to save a few dollars with a discount DJ. 
We are an EXCEPTIONAL value for the money! Check out our pricing page and then give us a call. We will quote you a price for services that will meet and exceed your expectations!

What type of equipment will you provide? 
The answer should be: Modern, professional, equipment that looks and sounds great. The gear should be newer, professional equipment that is capable of handling an event the size that you are having. It should be presented attractively so it will complement your decorations and flowers. And it should be set up prior to your guests arriving.
We use only state of the art sound and light gear that looks and sounds great!
Are you and your DJs familiar with many different types of music? Can we give you a request list?
The answers should be "Yes" and "Yes." A DJ's #1 priority is blending the music to please a wide variety of musical tastes and age groups. The DJ needs to have the maturity, experience, and knowledge to "read" your crowd and then play in accordance with their wishes and receptivity. And naturally, a proficient DJ must be able to handle requests.
We can handle your event's musical needs with a wide variety of new and old music! 

Do you provide references from recent customers?
The answer should be "Gladly!" You probably won't hire the photographer, caterer, cake designer, decorator, etc. without obtaining references from previous clients they have serviced. Don't hire a DJ without doing the same.
We provide you with references and their phone numbers so you can ask them whatever you want to know about our work!
Can I meet with the DJ who will perform at our event?
The answer should be "We insist!"  It's most desirable to meet your DJ face to face so you can get a firsthand impression of who he is and what he's about.
We look forward to meeting with you in person. We want to insure that all your plans are properly addressed and thoroughly prepare ourselves to take all the necessary steps that guarantee the success of your event.

Do you provide me with a contract, and how do I need to pay for service?
The answers should be, "Definitely," and "However you would like to." Unless you have a detailed contract, you really don't have a DJ service secured! You should also have payment options available.
We always contract our work. And you can pay in cash, by cashiers check, money order,  American Express, Visa, Discover, or Master Card!

 We provide music and entertainment for every occasion—from an outdoor barbecue where twenty-five folks stand around for an hour on a Tuesday afternoon, jawin’ with each other while pickin’ at a pig—to a Junior-Senior Prom in a performing arts center where 650 students are dazzled by intelligent lighting fixtures and contemporary music mixes, as the floor shakes with chest-thumping bass. 

Each engagement is priced in accordance with the scope of the total presentation and its unique requirements—from a private party in a small recreation room for forty young teenagers on a Friday night in January—to a gala event in the grand ballroom of a large convention facility where a wireless signal is sent to powered speakers lining each side of the room, a computer controlled array of brilliant colors is "washed" over a huge dance floor, and a party is facilitated for 900 people.
Prices are also determined by the amount of planning and preparation required to make each event a success—from a sentimental 50th Anniversary surprise party on a Saturday evening in April, attended by sixty close friends and family members, featuring four hours of entertainment and musical nostalgia—to an elegant wedding reception where shimmering blue lights cast a romantic glow on the wall behind the head table, a carefully-prepared, ongoing slide show is projected on a large screen, and, leading up to an entertaining toast by the best man, the DJ narrates a "love story" about how the newly weds first met, accompanied by a soft, instrumental rendition of one of the bride and groom's favorite songs.

We pride ourselves on presenting the highest quality disc jockey entertainment — provided by full-time DJs who are experienced, punctual, dependable, well-equipped (with everything backed up), fully-insured, fully-prepared, and attentiveto your every need.
A Disc Jockey’s programming judgement, mixing proficiency, motivating ability, master of ceremonies skills, and staging expertise are all acquired qualities that contribute to the success of any event, and all generously contribute towards the AMOUNT of entertainment, participation, and fun that take place!

BUT, is there a CONNECTION between:

• the extent those in attendance at your event are entertained
• the degree those in attendance at your event participate
• how much those in attendance at your event have a whole lot of fun

— AND — 

• the price paid for the DJ!? 

In the DJ business, it's often difficult to charge prices based on how much entertainment, participation, and fun you get. What we CAN do is proudly and enthusiastically offer you, the buyer, more for your money while staying competitive in today’s market! 

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